War and Peace

“Peace is not the mere absence of war, but a virtue—” (Baruch Spinoza).
How simple it is when someone says it for us, before us. And we could follow with any of those hundred dualities we inherited from classical Greece. As feminists did when confronted with ‘man and woman’. They quickly gave ‘woman’ an independent identity. What a difference it would make to thinking and doing if we all began to break those linguistic bonds. Try it and see.


News, Views, Ads.

The other day I drove past a new advertisement on the largest bill-board I have seen in Melbounre, a real Jumbo. It was advertising the return of MasterChef on television this week. It features those three big name, big personality chefs we have got to know so well over the last year or so.

And their pose: all arms held high, mouths wide open cheering, barracking, urging, supporting. A joyous, fun-loving cheer-squad. So what is cooking in this very popular cooking show? Another sport, competition, challenge; teams, players, winners and losers; spectator-sport, loud applause, speed, panic, time, race, the final bell. And all good fun. The Art of Cooking? Australia style.

Celebrating the first anniversary of the death of Osama Bin Laden the White House reminds the country of its national hero, President Obama, who bravely brought that evil man to justice twelve months ago to the day.

It went further and questioned, in prime presidential
campaign style whether his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, would have the courage to do the same. Romney quickly reassured the country he did. No presidential aspirant could have done other.

This was and was not the time for anyone in the public eye to raise ‘disloyal’ questions like the cost of that killing: a ten year war (the longest in American history), an extensive destruction of two countries, tens of thousands of lives lost, steep decline of America’a global respect and authority. Was this the global war on terrorism or the global recruitment campaign producing a corps of new, young terrorists?

All in the mode of a traditional American western. The cult of the hero in a lawless society. The killing/assassination, represented as the final surprise shoot-out.

The White House called the adventure “legal, ethical, wise”. America style law. morality and wisdom.

Don Miller
May 9, 2012

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