The secret life of secrets

It could be said that lives are a litany of secrets. To begin there are the secrets we each keep from others. Some secrets we share with just a few or a special one; others we store and shore up in the privacy of our minds. We have some reason, conscious or unconscious, for doing so. It is a self-protective measure. Because of it, others think of us more kindly. If leaked, some other people may be hurt; and so would we, in some measure or other.

There are other secrets we keep from ourselves. These probably are the more hurtful to us if we were to discover them. And that is why they are secrets: unwittingly we go to all measures to keep them from ourselves. If challenged we deny them furiously; we can become quite angry when others accuse us of harbouring such secrets. We just cannot see them; we refuse to see them.

So, in certain ways we are in the best situation to know ourselves; in other ways we are in the worst situation. Either way it is not entirely unfair to suggest we are, unconditionally Homo Mendacitus.
We should not be surprised that governments revel in secrets. We cant eradicate the habit; but we can do our best to learn them – some of them at least. But more of that.