“Going Sane”

One of the many exciting books written by the British psychoanalyst Adam Phillips is “Going Sane”. That title  immediately starts you thinking. Why does it make sense, for example, to say ‘going insane’ but not ‘going sane’? A can of worms opens .

We think we know what ‘insane’or insanity means – in one way or other. So, we assume, to be sane is its opposite; and that means us ?- we are the sane – surely? So, it’s a simple matter. Try it, and see what you come up with. I leave it to you.

But I can say, when you look at the set of words you have compiled, isn’t it a boring lot of words:  dull, ordinary, safe, ‘good’?  It would drive you mad to be that sane. There must be more to it, surely?