Peter Greste, Muslims and the West

It was interesting to discover how deeply i obviously felt about the future of Peter Greste (for those who don’t know the name – he is the Australian journalist working for Al Jazeera who has spent over 100 days in a Cairo prison, with two colleagues, found guilty by a scandalous ‘court trial’ and facing a death sentence for heinous dealings to destroy the state. All because Sisi, ex-head of the Egyptian military and now President/dictator is paranoid, utterly ruthless and madly vicious). Well, he is at last free and on his way home. What a relief!

Peter is of course concerned for the fate of his two colleagues left behind. One with a dual passport should be OK very soon now. The third unfortunately is Egyptian only and the likelihood of ever being released is slim. Let us hope the Australian government maintains pressure on Egypt to free him.

But it is just announced that the 183 members of the Muslim Brotherhood who were arrested protesting Sisi’s overthrow of the government won inn free elections by the Brotherhood, collectively found guilty of treason in a court trial lasting as it were a few minutes, will be executed very soon.

Has the Australian government protested at all about this insane act? Has any western government expressed concern at all? Or is it because the Brotherhood is a militant Muslim organisation, the West is turning its back.

I will be disgusted if that is the case. No wonder the Muslim World hates us. If that is so – if they do nothing here , it is a morally corrupt position – and strategically stupid. When will we grow up and think with subtlety, complexity and wisdom.