About MCI

Everyone agrees that the world needs new, bold ideas. But ‘brain-storming’, smart innovations, tough minded pragmatism or pronounced ‘common-sense’ are of little value. The critical thing is to think differently – we are still thinking ‘nineteenth century style’. To use modern technology does not make us modern thinkers. It may even mean that we can unwittingly make old-fashioned mistakes more efficiently.

MCI aims to show how to operate at the cutting-edge of twenty-first century thinking, across boundaries and disciplines, and beyond conventional wisdoms. We need to become enthusiastic followers of curiosity, keen entertainers of uncertainty and fervent encouragers of imagination and speculation.We will enjoy playing with ideas. Deep, serious thinking can be refreshing, light-hearted fun.

The world is full of complexity, unknowables and wonder. There will never be the ‘last word’ on anything. Knowledge is always incomplete.

Melbourne Centre for Ideas offers

  • Workshops: periodic – challenging and enjoyable games to experience the ease and pleasure of entertaining radically new, even absurd ideas
  • Enewsletters: monthly – short commentaries to stimulate reflection.
  • Correspondence: through info@melbournecentreforideas.com
  • Blog posts: Access at melbournecentreforideas.com

MCI is unique. It takes “thinking about thinking” to a new level.