About Don Miller

Don Miller, Founder, Director of MCI

Don was born in Melbourne on the 20th July 1930. From 1962-1995 he was a member of Political Science Department at the University of Melbourne. Crossing the boundaries of the social sciences and humanities he asked new questions and opened up new arenas of thought: such as the role of metaphor (and language) and time (and timing) in shaping human behaviour and beliefs. He also explored how habit and the unconscious were found to be in many ways more powerful than conscious, rational thought – for good and bad.

An interest in India has also allowed Don to constantly reflect on the similarities and differences of Western and non-Western cultures. Similarities and differences have always intrigued Don and provided the opportunity to constantly rethink again ideas of change, ‘westernisation’ and modernity.

In 2006 Don founded the Melbourne Centre for Ideas to assist others in exploring some of the thinking that he has developed through nearly 50 years of academic, philosophical and personal exploration.