“Southern Trees Bear a Strange Fruit”

America is becoming sicker by the day. We really can’t mince words any longer without being dishonest.

We now have (7-10-2012), a few weeks before the Presidential election, the first sighting in several states of light plastic chairs, swaying in the wind, hanging from the trees, empty chairs labelled “No-Bama’ (remember Clint Eastwood’s ‘empty chair’ symbol at last week’s the Republican Nomination meeting).

“People kept stealing the chair; we just have to take extra precautions”, said one innocent owner of a swinging plastic chair. “There’s a constitution. Some people forget that” said another more defiant mum.

But we all know. A repetition of the past – not too distant a past. A lynching of a black. Traditions sometimes take a long time to die.


Two weeks ago it was the anniversary of the last hours of a sixteen year old black youth, charged and found guilty of the rape and murder of a white woman in Waco, Texas in 1916. Seized from the court room, castrated, fingers amputated, tied and burnt slowly for two hours over a fire until ‘he’ was reduced to charcoal.

Fifteen thousand locals watched, including the police and schoolchildren (during their lunch break).

It was said later than he was probably not guilty of either crime. He was, however, truly a black. (I quote Wikipedia).

“Southern Trees Bear a Strange Fruit
Blood on the Leaves and Blood at the Root

Don Miller